Complaints Mount: Slow Pays Continue

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C Costigan
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Customers are getting paid albeit slowly....very slowly. As continues to report, (Bodog) continues to suffer from processing woes that have hit the entire online gambling sector hard in recent years. But Bodog, which had a large chunk of its money seized by the Department of Justice this summer, has had an especially tough time of late.

"Processors won't go near Bodog," one industry source told Gambling911.

Much of the industry has been working with smaller processors who are taking on clients via a referral basis. Some are able to handle mid to large size operations. Bodog is considered a large operation by industry standards.

For its part, has been able to find new outlets for deposit methods. Online gambling affiliates reported upwards of 50 percent conversion rates over the lsat month.

The problem: Retaining these customers. Bodog Poker, as an example, continues to lose market share. The industry's second largest online poker room, Full Tilt Poker, now has 10 times the number of active real cash players on average.

In recent months, Sports Book Review, has dropped its rating on Bodog from "A" to "C" and is said to be considering another downgrade.

"At this point Bodog is simply telling us that everyone is in line for payout and they will pay as fast as their processors can put out payments. Unless a player has made person to person transfers as the primary deposit method, and is a long time customer, p2p isn't being offered as a withdrawal payout," the website reports.

Customers on that site have pointed to a method for receiving a more rapid payout, though they warn of steep fees associated with that option.


Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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