Bodog WSOP Winner Jamie Gold Just Can’t Win: Barcelona Poker Raid

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C Costigan
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2006 World Series of Poker winner and one time Bodog representative, Jamie Gold, was scheduled to be the key speaker at this week's Casino Affiliate Poker conference and Affiliate Poker World Series. That event was raided over the weekend, is learning. Gold was not believed to have been detained.

Barcelona police raided the Hotel Princesa in Barcelona Spain on Sunday where the Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) poker tournament was taking place.

All gambling equipment was confiscated. was also being told that the organizers were detained.

The biggest WSOP winner ever was slated to be running an exclusive poker coaching session for the Affiliate Series of Poker (ASOP) qualifiers and an autograph signing session.

Jamie Gold was embroiled in a much ballyhooed controversy following his big WSOP win.

A lawsuit between Gold and Los Angeles based television producer Bruce Crispin Leyser was settled out of court.

The lawsuit filed by Leyser asserted that Gold had promised him 50% of his proceeds from the WSOP for securing celebrity talent in the name of Bodog. Bodog sponsored Gold's seat in exchange for delivery of the celebs to play in the event, and Leyser's lawsuit claimed the men had agreed to 'split the seat' when Leyser was the one who came up with the celebrity talent.

Bodog cut ties with Mr. Gold shortly after his win. That beleaguered online gambling company was also a sponsor at CAP.


Christopher Costigan, Publisher