Bodog Domain Moves Back to Bodog.com

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After having lost their original domain name for two years, Bodog is back....Actually, Bodog.com is back.  The site is estimated to have lost significant business following loss of the Bodog.com domain name in a much ballyhooed patent suit that was settled back in April. 

It was not immediately known how the changeover will affect search rankings.  At one time, prior to the domain seizure, Bodog dominated search.  They lost most - if not all rankings - soon thereafter.   The predecessor domain - BodogLife.com - eventually managed to get some rankings back, but not all. 

One of Bodog's only remaining celebrity poker pros, David Williams, announced the official return of the Bodog.com site Wednesday afternoon at the 2009 World Series of Poker.  The company waited a few weeks after the decision to move back to the original domain.

Bodog Poker has fallen to the number 15 spot among all online poker rooms in the world, with an average of 760 real cash players per week.  Compare that with PokerStars and its 23000 real cash players per week. 

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