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Budapest Affiliate Conference

I may have a new boss and a new job with Calvin Ayre and Bodogbrand.com, but when it comes to industry entertainment, not much has changed...with the upcoming launch of CalvinAyre.com, and with Calvin's return to the public, it will only continue to get better. I promise. Now enjoy my top 10 from the 2009 Budapest Affiliate Conference, it was a tough contest!

#10: Michael Caselli, the industry's sexiest

As much as I have beaten this subject into the ground, I just cannot resist mentioning the sexiest iGaming man alive in my BAC top 10. It is unavoidable. He is everywhere. Every conference, every party, every presentation, every keynote speech, every dinner, every late night, every VIP table, every hour of every conference day, he is there. Caselli comes along with his own set of rules as well...wearing a sign around his neck that flashes, "party like a rock star, f*&#$k like a porn star" is totally acceptable and funny. Give that sign to someone like Michael Corfman to wear around his neck and he would be thrown into jail. Actually, I take it back, that is hilarious! Michael, can you lend your sign to Michael for the London Affiliate Conference? Thanks.


#9: Happy Birthday to me from Bodog's Hungarian Marilyn Monroe

So you probably think I'm just trying to get a plug in for the Bodog Affiliate Social...well, you are wrong. I know this mention seems totally biased because yes, I work for Calvin, yes, I am involved with BodogBrand.com, yes, I am in constant touch with all the Bodog licensees and the Bodog Affiliates team, but! Is there anyone who has been to more iGaming parties than me? No. Are there any other iGaming parties which match the detail and quality of a Bodog party? No. Has anyone ever hired a Hungarian Marilyn Monroe to sing you happy birthday in the company of a dozen hot Bodog Girls? No. See? I'm not biased at all.



#8: Hungarian booze

Thanks to the several foul tasting shots of Unicum I was forced to consume at the Bodog Affiliates Social (we have this on film for CalvinAyre.com, of course), I don't even remember interviewing Bob Rains later that night. Thanks to an entire bottle of Hungarian liquor, I think a certain BAC keynote speaker may have imagined a raging party in his suite...with Michael Caselli and Winston Churchill? Talk about an alcohol induced hallucination. I blame it on the bottle of sneaky Hungarian booze the BAC organizers gave Calvin as a gift- he clearly felt obligated to drink it- everyone knows Calvin doesn't like to get drunk at conferences.



#7: Scotty Nguyen, Poker Celeb number 1

Throughout my iGaming career I have personally met a number of poker celebrities and heard dozens of first hand stories about them. As a seasoned poker celeb gal, Expekt's Scotty Nguyen is simply in a class by himself, I am telling you. I have never been referred to as "baby" this many times in my life, and we chatted in front of the CalvinAyre.com video camera for a total of 10 minutes, max. Well, maybe 11 minutes if you include the opening party experience when Scotty fed me Expekt 10th anniversary cake with his bare hands. Ya, we've got that captured on film too.




Doyle Brunson, Godfather of Poker

#6:Doyle Brunson, Poker Celeb number 2

I love this industry icon, he is the nicest guy on earth and a complete legend- a poker legend, and little did we know, a nightlife legend too. The Godfather of Poker made an appearance at every conference party, including a lengthy and late presence at the Doyle Brunson Poker Klub and an even later cameo at Budapest's hopping Bed Beach...I thank you Willy G for rubbing off on this great man!


#5: Illari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, Poker Celeb number 3

I don't even want to get into what this one was up to at the BAC. Ziigmund is one feisty little Finn who seems shy at first, but give him several cocktails and then see what happens. At times, especially later in the night, you could even say his behavior is synonymous to how he plays poker...unpredictable, intelligent, fearless, and...dominating? Now that sounds interesting. Take a look at his post WSOP blog entry for window into his very special poker playing world. 18+ only, please!!!




#4: Models, models and more models

There are several models which stood out above the rest at the BAC. Lets begin with the topless ones. At first the toplessness was hard to notice as these Entertasia models were elaborately painted, but once you looked a little closer- and maybe even went in for a picture- boy, were you in for a surprise. Lets finish with several models which are now very near and dear to my heart...they are beautiful, they are intelligent, they love CalvinAyre.com...they are the Ayre Heads! I have never felt so falsely popular in my whole entire life. So what if it was an illusion? So what if I thought that people were looking at me instead of the hot models walking next to me with big boobs and the Calvin Ayre mug on the back of their schoolgirl-ish shirts? Perception is reality my friends, never forget that.



#3: Bed Beach Night Club

This crazy Hungarian night club served as BAC's unofficial official late night spot for Friday and Saturday night of the conference. Who sponsored the endless champagne, bottles of vodka, VIP tables and the plethora of Hungarian girls at Bed Beach? Everyone and anyone who could handle post official BAC sponsored party extracurricular activities. Some notables include the trusty Fins, Martin and Marcus the "blinged out" Swedish affiliates, jolly Chris from Cake Poker Affiliates, the Chipleader girls and guy who kindly escorted me back to my hotel room, Aaron G who very gracefully danced up a storm on the VIP couches, Clive and Caselli who both served as great late night dance partners, and the unforgettable Calvin Ayre cameo, post bottle of Hungarian booze consumption.


#2: A Swede of my very own...FINALLY!

Såja, I love the Swedes. Now BodogBrand.com loves the Swedes too because the recently announced Bodog Network licensee, Patrik Selin, is Swedish and now I get to work with a Swede on a daily basis. The smartly dressed Patrik may seem all business at first, but don't let this one fool you- he is a big supporter of the "Work Hard, Play Harder" slogan that Bodog world forever embraces. Just ask two plus two management! Throughout our time in Budapest, Patrik was spotted one night at the Doyle Brunson Poker Klub until late, the next night at Bed Beach until late, sipping on single malt scotches all the way...and a shot or two of Unicom, compliments of a certain two plus two someone.


And last but not least...



#1: Pierre the well-endowed wonder

Everyone knows that Calvin Ayre has a "thing" for midgets, but did you know about Pierre, his personal bartender? I sure as hell didn't...until Pierre made his debut during Calvin's keynote speech at the BAC. Right after the industry breaking, flamboyant, and salsa dancing entrance of the Phantom of the Opera disguised Calvin, Pierre magically appeared at the podium, fully equipped with the Bodog founder's signature cocktail: a Bombay Gin martini with three queen size olives. Speaking of equipped, Calvin said a few words about Pierre, some nickname, and a "tripod" during his keynote speech, but I'm not really sure what that is supposed to mean? Maybe one of Calvin's women can tell me. 

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