Blackjack Cheaters Arrested in California

Written by:
Patrick Flanigan
Published on:
Blackjack Cheaters

Three individuals have been arrested in connection with a California casino “Blackjack Cheating” scheme that occurred in July.

Gabriel Urbieta Rodriguez, a female accomplice Cha Say and card room supervisor Robert Younan were charged with marking cards at the Turlock Poker Room near San Francisco.  Some $24,000 has since been confiscated.

Michael Frank of Blackjack Champ explains how the blackjack cheating occurred:

Using grease spots, they marked cards worth 10 points along the outer edge, and marked lower value cards in the middle. Once the decks were marked, Younan made sure they were used at the table where Rodriguez was playing.

The three could be charged with conspiracy and winning by fraudulent means.  If convicted, each faces up to three years and eight months behind bars. 

Co-owner of the casino, Joe Fernandez, said:

“I’ve known Robby for a number of years; he’s a good guy, and it breaks my heart.”  Fernandez also added; “My deal is hey, if you’re going to come to the Turlock Poker Room and try a stunt like that, we’ll nail you to the wall.”  - Patrick Flanagan reporting for Gambling911.com.

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