Bitcoin Sportsbook Folds After Only Four Months

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
Published on:
Bitcoin Sportsbook Folds After Only Four Months, a bitcoin-only online sportsbook, has closed its doors, leaving customers wondering if they will ever see their winnings.

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We first caught wind of back in January when an advertisement for the company appeared on the Reuters interactive billboard smack in the middle of Time Square.  

A notice first appeared on the site over Easter Weekend advising of the closure.  Happy Easter everyone!

Customers have since been advised that a liquidation firm was brought on “to ensure proper liquidation of all assets … All outstanding debts and accounts will be paid out in accordance with the arrangement made by Coinbet and the sale of all related assets.”

The website is reporting that monies owed totals around $5 million and that the site closed due to being “undercapitalized”.

- Aaron Goldstein,


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