Bettors Recover Slightly During Week 5 College Football

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C Costigan
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It was not another blood bath for sports bettors during Week 5 of College Football for a change.  The first four weeks of College Football have resulted in record profits for online bookmakers and Vegas alike thanks to heavily backed public favorites falling in dramatic fashion.

Week 5 of the College Football season witnessed Alabama, LSU, USC and Auburn among others come through for the gambling public while teams such as Miami and Wisconsin still helped bookies out a bit.

The betting public was not so lucky with Week 4 of the NFL, however. 

While the most wagered on team, the New York Giants, came through for the betting public, other teams failed to do so.  Cincinnati was getting nearly as much action as the Giants and fell short of covering the -5 ½ and greater spread.  Tennessee, San Diego, Dallas and Baltimore were other teams that did not produce the desired results for sports bettors.  The Indianapolis Colts did come through and the 49ers helped gamblers out a bit later on in the day.  Most of the other games witnessed balanced action.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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