BetOnSports.com Former CEO David Carruthers Released From Prison

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C Costigan
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David Carruthers

In all the chaos that ensured following the April 15 “Black Friday” online poker indictments, lost in the news was the fact that BetOnSports.com former CEO David Carruthers had been released from prison on April 12, just three days before.

Carruthers came to symbolize the fears embodied by heads of online gambling companies that were not American-born.  A British citizen, Carruthers was apprehended by US authorities while changing flights at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in July of 2006.  The charges filed by federal authorities out of St. Louis included money laundering.

BetOnSports once outspoken Chief Executive Officer did just about everything possible to draw attention to himself and his company.  BOS eventually folded following the indictment and its founder, Gary Kaplan, also served time in prison. 

Carruthers had previously been under house arrest outside of St. Louis, Missouri. 

Update:  We have since been advised that, while released from a US federal prison, Carruthers is still under detention in his native England.  The hopes are he will be released soon.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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