Best Price Per Head: $5 to $9?

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C Costigan
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Best Price Per Head

PayPerHead.com recently launched a new “Best Price Per Head” initiative that only charges a mere $5 to $9.  As part of the campaign, they hired The Sopranos star Vince Curatola, better known as “Johnny Sack”, to act as official spokesperson. 

PayPerHead.com offers premium packages in addition to the $5 to $9 deal. 

Here is what the $5 to $9 package provides:

Online wagering available 24x7x365 served by the largest and most redundant continental Fiber-Optic Network in the world, based on the Arcos, Maya 1, Oxygen and Global Crossing Internet pipes to your clients.

PayPerHead.com offers a mobile platform, linesmaker with 30 assistants working around the clock to provide the “sharpest” odds available, online poker network that also taps into a major online gambling website’s post up customer base, horse racing platform, online casino platform, account transfers and a list of crucial security offerings. 

PayPerHead.com’s $5 to $9 package does allow the local bookmaker to lay off all or part of a bet as part of this option. 

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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