Berlin Poker Robbers at Large Will be Caught Soon

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Ace King
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Berlin Poker Robbery

Police have launched a massive manhunt for two remaining suspects in a brazen Berlin poker robbery.  Two individuals are now in custody following the March 6 incident at the Grand Hyatt Hotel during the concluding hours of a major poker tournament, the European Poker Tour.

One of the suspects arrested Wednesday is just 20 years old.

It is possible Jihad Chetwie (19) and Mustafa Ucarkus (20) fled Germany soon after the armed robbery. Both are sporty and thin with brown eyes and black hair, according to  An international arrest warrant has been issued.

Chetwie is a German of Turkish descent. The thug was already known to the police for robbery and bodily assault, reported.

Ucarkus is a Turk from the Neukölln area of Berlin. He is considered a serious offender for brutal crimes and robbery. He was reportedly in prison until April 2009 for grievous bodily harm committed with two accomplices.

During the armed heist, a second security guard, Roman H. (36), bravely tackled one of the masked men and held him in a head lock. The robber lost his gun and a bag full of cash.  But the bandits made off with over 200,000 euros.

The story made international news.  Kevin McAfee ultimately won the tournament that same day and walked off with a million euros.

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