BarBot Slot Machine Dispenses Drinks

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What better way to combine alcohol and gambling by offering up a slot machine that dispenses both?  Introducing BarBot, the first slot machine to reward gamblers with drinks (in lieu of cash).

According to, BarBot won a hacking competition called "Take on the Machine", sponsored by Vimby and Scion. It started life as a decommissioned slot machine sold on Craigslist, which a team from hacking collective NYC Resistor decorated with a Fear and Loathing theme and programmed to pump out drinks.

The slot machine sends ingredients and proportions to a microcontroller that creates that perfect drink, ultimately dispensed through nozzles.  Three wheels are programmed to stop only on mixes traditionally found at cocktail bars. 

The BarBot reportedly took 320 hours to create and cost $3000.

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