Australian Casino Violence: Another Burswood Attack

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Greg Tingle
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Australia's mixed reputation as a place to frequent land based casinos continues following an extremely violent attack outside Burswood Entertainment Complex this past week. The disturbing trend does show that undesirables do have a habit of committing violence in or around land based casinos, pubs and hotels. The trend appears to be changing people’s behavior where they are starting to spend more time at home in front of the television and online games, rather than brave the mean streets around Aussie casinos and gambling dens. Media Man and Gambling911 put on the bullet proof vests, grab the baton and plastic handcuffs once again with this special report...

Western Australian police officers are grateful of the efforts of two do gooders who may have saved the life of of a woman after a bottle was smashed across her cranium and she was repeatedly bashed outside Crown Limited's Burswood Casino yesterday.

The cowardly attack is the latest in a tidal wave of violent incidents that have plagued the casino - complex over the recent months.

The 44-year-old female had been departing the nearby Holiday Inn Hotel at roughly 5am when she was approached by a young bitch dog... er woman, who cunningly followed her along the street and we understand into a loading dock behind the casino.

Police will be allegedly the *itch demanded the victim hand over cash before punching her multiple times and viciously smashing a beer bottle across her skull. An ambulance madly rushed to Royal Perth Hospital for emergency treatment.

The offender then allegedly snatched the woman's handbag and ran towards the Burswood Dome. Some are saying that woman should not carry handbags at night near the casino to try to reduce the risk of attack, but the other options are of course to stay at home, or have a strong and brave person accompany you.

We understand that 2 gents saw the incident and came to the woman's help, before they chased after her attacker, retrieving her stolen handbag.

The offending mug, a 19 year old *itch, was arrested by police near Burswood trains and charged with aggravated armed robbery. The train station is also understood to be a dangerous place to spend time of an evening and many are calling for security to be further beefed up.

Police have requested for the two Good Samaritans to contact police urgently, to further help them with getting the crim to pay for her crime.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The incident has got more traditional casino players thinking of playing more time online and less timing braving the mean streets of Aussie casinos.

Crime does not pay. You hear us!

Wrap Up...

Readers... er, punters, do you think Australian casinos are safer than they used to be, and why or why not? Would you brave a visit to Burswood? Tell us in the forum. If you have a bet, please bet with your head, not over it, and for God's sake, have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

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