Australian Casino And Gambling News - 22nd September 2010

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A huge week for Australian casino and gambling news. We're got the Betfair float, Crown Casino king James Packer training on the Bondi Beach to Bronte walk, casino tourism tie ins, casino lovers VS casino haters, casino gossip, lifestyle updates and more. Media Man and Gambling911 voyage down under, from 'Sin City' Sydney, Bondi Beach, Melbourne, Tasmania tigers, Kiwis, dolphins and super whales, we've got it all for the loyal and vast audience...

Crown Casino King James Packer Spotted Power Walking Bondi Beach To Bronte Walk...

Yep, the undisputed lifestyle and casino king of Bondi Beach, and the greater Asia Pacific region, James Packer, is working on his work - life balance, as is the Media Man, with power walks a plenty, accompanied by his personal trainer. Packer is pounding the payment on the world famous Bondi Beach to Bronte coastal walk. Packer is understood to have the eye of the tiger and the power and the passion, as does a certain other Bondi Based Media Man, poised to do an massive publicity stunt at Bondi Beach - Packer's "front yard" (on the beach) this Saturday morning. Not sure about if casino babes are likely to be spotted, but dozens of Bondi Beach babes and blonde goddesses are frequently spotted with Bondi Beaches premier media man, including Packer, mate David Gyngell, and that Media Man fella... something about 'The Gumleaf Mafia'. Be on the lookout for pained "Neon Lights", and a special shout out to Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Nicole Kidman and Jack Thompson (Australia The Movie). Let's get a casino in Australia The Movie 2 mate, if Baz can put it together. Long live the 'Aussie Gumleaf Mafia' and 'Team Goanna Gold'. Oh, hi Oprah - see you at the beach. Go Packer Go.

Conrad Jupiters Hotel and Casino Working Political PR And Campaigning Card...

Gold Coast Minister of Parliament Ray 'Sure Thing' (Media Man tag) Stevens has rocketed the Bligh Government, strongly urging it to get right behind Tabcorp's planned $300 million revamp and expansion of Jupiter's Hotel and Casino to surge the city's roller coaster like construction industry. Could be this a bit of real life Underbelly at play? As usual, only part of the real story will make the news, with only some Chinese whispers and 'dark side' x factor seeing the light of day. Make no mistake, casinos in Australia have a bit of a 'Casino Jack' and 'Underbelly' side to them, as Gambling911, Media Man, friends and spies keep finding out the more they probe. Stevens advised the Government should get over its "electoral jitters" and grant Jupiters Casino more pokie licences so that the upgrade could proceed full steam ahead captain courageous. He firmly spoke to the State Parliament this week Tabcorp's proposal to redevelop Jupiters showed passionate belief in the city at a time when business confidence was the lowest in a decade. "Jupiters Casino is an iconic tourism attraction for the Gold Coast, but is in desperate need of an upgrade to compete with southern state casinos. We have to accept the economic reality that there will be no change to existing casino facilities without the financial incentive to fund these upgrades. Government should be oblivious to the short-term media pain of a necessary decision." Treasurer Andrew 'Beancounter' (MM tag) Fraser said Tabcorp's proposed investment had an 'exciting' potential to deliver jobs and a life to tourism infrastructure on the Gold Coast. He said "This is a massive proposal and one that obviously has many issues to consider. The Government is not poll driven. We will make a decision in the interests of Queensland. That means, as ever, balancing the interests of economic development with the interests of the community such as adequate control on gambling." Tabcorp is seriously considering spending up to $600 million on Jupiters and Brisbane's Treasury casino but the amount it throws around gets down to securing permission to buy the rights to machines the Government has taken back, or otherwise be able to purchase existing one armed bandits and licences from pubs and clubs in Queensland. Media Man and G911 understands that 1000 gaming licences would be required across both casinos for the $600 million plan. If the extra licences were not not in fact granted, for whatever reason, Tabcorp most likely would downgrade its total spend to a modest $150 million. This would leave it further behind competitor Crown Limited, famous for its Crown Casino in Melbourne. An public - press announcement is expected before the end of the year. Well, Christmas is coming. Stevens told Parliament that failure to grant the extra licences would result in 'second-rate casinos being the hallmark of Queensland'. Yep, second rate banana benders, in a second rate second skin scenario. Well, we heard there was something in the water up that way. "Yes, there is community sentiment that enough is enough in the growth of slot machines throughout Queensland. Should this be the reason to reject the enhancement of our major tourism casino icons, which are by their very nature designated gambling destinations? No is the clear and unequivocal answer. This is about jobs, jobs, jobs for the Gold Coast." It's hard to argue against the jobs and tourism cards, something our friends at GenerationOne and Crown Limited have become masters of the art at. We're not sure Jupiters gets a special $1 a year rent deal... not likely, so you can't blame them for wanting a bigger slice of the action. Reef Hotel and Casino in far North Queensland is not commenting at the moment, and the Aus Vegas proposal pitched a few months back has gone quite, but insiders tip it may be a "Sleeping Giant", just as James Packer and Media Man generals have been called over the years. Brace yourselves punters, heavy incoming is expected in the 'Age Of Aquarius'.

Betfair Stock Floats On Market...

Online sports betting powerhouse Betfair said Tuesday it was going ahead with a flotation expected to value the company at around 1.5 billion pounds (1.8 billion euros, 2.3 billion US dollars). The planned listing on the London Stock Exchange will enable founders Ed Wray and Andrew Black to sell some of their holdings in the company. They launched Betfair 11 years back and own a combined 24 percent stake in the firm, which has become the world's leading online sports betting site with three million registered users. Betfair is 50% owned by Australia's casino and gaming king, James Packer. The float has been expected for some time, driven by the company's strong financial performance and massive growth. In the year to April, net profit was 15.1 million pounds while revenue grew 13% to 340.9 million pounds. Betfair was one of the pioneers of person-to-person sports betting by developing a market place, or what is now known as a "betting exchange" which allows customers to bet at odds sought by themselves or offered by other customers, bypassing the need for a traditional bookmaker, which got bookies of bit off side as you might imagine. Betfair is a key force and deep throat for UK and Australian gaming regulators and news media, looking to help to try to clean up the sports betting world. 'Exotic bets' are not expected to be part of the Australian ramping up of Betfair, thanks for the numerous sports betting scandals down under.

President Miss Universe Organization Announces the celebration of 59th beauty pageant; Miss Congeniality Title To Australian Jesinta Campbell...

"It is a celebration of universal beauty. All of them come from different parts of the world and it’s a celebration of beauty all across the world,” says Paula Shugart, President Miss Universe Organization. The annual beauty pageant was the 59th edition of the prominent contest and was held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. on August 23, 2010 in a glittering ceremony that saw the top 84 beauties in the world compete for the most coveted prize in the modeling circles. Far from personal glory, the Miss Universe competition is a platform for the beautiful girls to showcase their national cultures and heritage to the rest of the world in a grand fashion. “The girls who really succeeds from this event, and wins not just the title, but WINS from this experience is the girl who looks outside of herself and appreciates what she is getting, who she is meeting,” emphasizes Roselie Monte, the Contestant Manager at this year’s event. Farouk Shami (Founder & Chairman – Farouk Systems Inc.) is all praises for the contest and says, “This is actual United Nations! This is actual world peace! This is actual bridging the world together!” Multi-billionaire Donald Trump (Co-owner of Miss Universe) says that by bringing 83 beauties together, Miss Universe brings together all countries, even those that do not go well with each other and it is a real personal honour for him to organize an event of such grandeur. One contestant says, “This is a mini United Nations! It is a chance to get to get know all the different cultures in the world, know that everyone around the world faces the same problems. None of these women (contestants) will be the same when they leave!” Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul was one contestant who stood out from the rest with her golden national costume in the National Costume contest and also bagged the title of ‘Best National Costume’ as well as the ‘Miss Photogenic’ title. The Miss Congeniality title went to the beauty from down under Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell. The crowning glory went to Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete, 22 with Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillips coming in as the 1st runner-up and Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell the 2nd runner up. Incidentally, Mexico won Miss Universe for the second time; the first was Lupita Jones in 1991. Coincidentally, Jones was also crowned in Las Vegas. Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete was born and raised in the Jaliscan capital Guadalajara. She is one of two children, born to dentist parents Carlos Navarrete and Gabriela Rosete. She was born on 22nd February 1988 and began modeling locally at the age of sixteen, and studied nutrition at the Valle de Atemajac University, prior to taking part in the pageant world. Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela was the winner of the previous edition in 2009. For the record, Venezuela along with USA and Puerto Rico are some of the most successful countries in Miss Universe contest. Indian beauties Sushmita Sen (1994) and Lara Dutta (2000) have been crowned Miss Universe previously. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches Ushoshi Sengupta, 22 represented India at the contest this year. Indian beauties have always left their mark at the celebrated contest and so did Ushoshi, with her dusky and beautiful features. Her photo shoot was one of the most viewed among internet circles at this year’s competition.

More Casino And Sporty Babes...

Casino Babes And Sports Babes At Brownlow Medal 2010; Crown Casino Last Night...

First the news...Chris Judd won the Brownlow at Crown Casino last night.

WAGs set tongues wagging (on site and no doubt back in hotel rooms and bedrooms), facilitated by the blue carpet.

The buxom sporty babe Brynne 'Extra Buxom' (Media Man tag) Edelsten is the one to catch more flash bulbs that most. Yep, she raised the bar and blood levels. Ms Edelsten wowed the Brownlow blue carpet in a fancy, cheeky zip ensemble. Ms Edelsten excited the assembled news media in a glittering, cheeky zip ensemble. The better half aka wife, of ex-Sydney Swans owner Geoffrey Edelsten will made her tele reporting debut to mixed reviews we understand. 10 for looks anyway. She was one of the first cabs of the rank at Crown in a glittering dress that unzipped in half, likey Geoff at the real afterparty hey fellas!. Her man sported a glittering watch to match. The televised blue carpet arrivals of the Brownlow Medal awards has almost become bigger that the actual event with the WAGs battling it out for best-dressed. The babes downplayed the sexy a touch, and turned up the Hollywood glamour. Yep, Glamour with a capital G - G marks the spot at the real after party. Soft, classic shades, trains was the theme of the night with the masses of cleavage and a touch of eye-popping boobs, bling etc, but not as fully as last seasons babe fest. For the record, footballers who did not meet black tie dress standards were refused entry this year, at least that's the PR. The AFL advised it enforced a strict dress code. Charcoal and navy suits, colourful shirts and ties, and white shoes were not be permitted. Media Man sent spies, we had to attend our own party and after party, let's say it was the Bondi Beach gaming, club and body painted babe thing. A fun night and an absolute ball (or two), was has ball all. Yep, plenty of 6 pointers between the goal posts boys. Well done to all players (and WAGS). Tongues wag one more time!

'Mr X' Calls For Online Gaming And Online Gambling Review Down Under...

Independent Nick Xenophon says a review of gambling must also be extended to include online betting to avoid addicts simply migrating to other gambling sources. The federal government on Tuesday agreed to establish a ministerial expert advisory group on gambling following a meeting with anti-pokies independent MP Andrew Wilkie. Senator Xenophon, a long-time anti-pokies campaigner, participated with news media via a phone hook-up. Under the deal, "pre-commitment technology" such as smart cards would eventually be installed in every poker machine in Australia to track gambling use and limit losses. But Senator Xenophon has warned that there must be a holistic approach to gambling addiction if the problem is to be addressed, and has called for there to also be a review of online gambling. "Obviously you don't want to close down or deal effectively with one problem and another is created," Senator Xenophon told the press on Tuesday night. "I think you'll find the most significant source of gambling addiction in this country is because of poker machines - something like 85 per cent of gamblers." "But we also need to review online gambling laws so we don't have an emerging problem in years to come." Earlier this month, Prime Minister Julia Gillard pledged to tackle problem gambling in exchange for Mr Wilkie's support in forming a minority government. The advisory group, to be chaired by former Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary Peter Shergold, will include problem gambling counsellors, club and hotel representatives, gaming software specialists and academics. It will provide advice to the government and a yet to be established Joint Select Parliamentary Committee on Gambling on the implementation of gambling reforms. The government has also committed to implementing ATM withdrawal limits in venues with poker machines, excluding casinos, and poker machine dynamic warning and cost of play displays.

Casino Haters, Gaming Haters, Bible Bashers Make More Noise; Gaming May Go Underground Thanks To Jackass Policy Under Labor Government!...

The federal government has agreed to establish a ministerial expert advisory group on gambling following a meeting with anti-pokies independent MP Andrew Wilkie. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Julia Gillard pledged to tackle problem gambling in exchange for Mr Wilkie's support in parliament's lower house. Under the deal, pre-commitment technology - such as smart cards - will eventually be installed in every poker machine in Australia. Families Minister Jenny Macklin and Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten met with the Tasmanian independent in Canberra on Tuesday. 'As a first step, Ms Macklin, Mr Shorten, Mr Wilkie and Senator Xenophon announced the establishment of a ministerial expert advisory group on gambling,' the four said in a joint statement. 'The group will provide advice from their members and interested parties to the government and the (yet to be established) Joint Select Parliamentary Committee on Gambling on the implementation of the reforms.' The advisory group will be chaired by former Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary Peter Shergold. It will include problem gambling counsellors, club and hotel representatives, gaming software specialists and academics. Apart from pre-commitment technology - which allow punters to nominate the maximum amount they can lose in a certain period - the government, Mr Wilkie and Senator Xenophon have also committed to implementing 'ATM withdrawal limits in venues with poker machines, excluding casinos, and poker machine dynamic warning and cost of play displays'. Punters are advised to research casino and gaming rules, online and offline before playing. Media Man of course only lists the world's most trusted and respected casinos and online poker rooms, so look for the most prominent casinos, and you will know they are the best. PartyCasino  http://www.partycasino.com/index.htm?wm=3221754  Captain Cooks, Virgin Casino and Roxy Palace remain some of the most popular with Aussies and Kiwis, with PartyCasino maintaining top pick for Aussies in the online sector.

Cruise Ships Voyaging Australia Promote Casino...

Folks, like to gamble? (at sea). You must look this guys up. Apparently the floating casino is a big selling point with big spending high rollers and also with the men looking to impressive the ladies out on sea, and the play Sea Man finds himself a sun babe at sea. As always, the after party in the decks below (or even up to), are the highlight. A Media Man insider whispered "It's the escapism, the privacy at sea, being away from everyday life distractions that helps get people in the mood for casino and... looooove. The casino tables and bar is said to enjoy a roaring trade with lovers, young and old come aboard the love boat. It's not understood to be a competitive threat to James Packer's Crown Limited empire, not yet anyway, but some punters in WA thinking of Burswood might do well to look up the floating casino."

So punters, how did you enjoy today's voyage. What sort of other Aussie and Kiwi news would you like to see? Tell us in the forum.

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The Late News...

Australian 'Gumleaf Mafia', Media Man and Gambling911 crew hear of yet more Americans on the way to show the Aussies how its done - running land based casinos. The political, media and people power fun and games have only just begin. What happens on the Gold Coast and Bondi Beach, does not stay "down under". Quite the opposite of the motto of our friends in Vegas and what happens in Vegas... you know the drum folks. Surfs up kangaroos, koalas, goannas, sea snakes, serpents and all manner of Aussie and Yankee critters. Media Man 'Online Casino Of The Month: PartyCasino

http://www.partycasino.com/index.htm?wm=3221754   Slot Game Of The Month: The Godfather. Check out the casino reviews at Media Man. Oh, friendly reminder... bet with your head, not over it, and have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover a dozen industry sectors including gaming and offer political commentary and analysis.

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