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G'day everyone. As if you didn't hear, Australian gambling and news media tycoon, James Packer, and a number of his friends and associates are riding a tidal wave of success, despite concerns about the Australian economy.  Packer still looks to have the Midas touch, and his casino and gaming ventures continue to perform well, despite challenges in Australia by competitor Star City (Tabcorp) and in the Asia Pacific (Venetian Maca - Las Vegas Sands Corp.) Packer mate Shane Warne is in love with the 'Hurley Burley', Sting jumps aboard a Packer yacht, Neil Perry's teams up with Starlight Foundation at Rockpool via Burswood Casino aka Burwood Entertainment Complex, and much more. Media Man and Gambling911 with your Aussie round up JP - Crown Limited Style. All aboard the Packer Express...

Sting (Gordon Sumner), not the pro wrestling superstar, is lapping it up down under enjoying party time on on James Packer's luxury boat. Older readers will remember that String used to be the frontman of 'The Police'. JP's boat has in recent days been spotted off Sydney's northern beaches in Pittwater. JP and wife were not seen. Sting's wife Trudi Styler was also MIA, understood to be in the UK. Sting and a bush tucker bag of his mates were having a hell of a party on the vessel, and its understood some of his old band members were on board. Sting also enjoyed taking in the summer at Bondi Beach in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Packer's Burswood Raisers Big Bucks with Perry's Rockpool; Western Australia Shows The World...

Neil Perry's Starlight Foundation Fundraiser at Rockpool in Perth on Wednesday evening was a rip snorter with Packer present and giving of heart and spirit. JP said that would like to have super chef Perry cook more juicy steaks for him, and what do you know - $100,000 appears, and Bob's your uncle - home cooking at the Packer pad. It's a miracle! In a glitzy and power persons event which raised up to $400,000 all told for sick kids, WA billionaires Gina Rinehart (richest person in Australia) and Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest (mining king and face of GenerationOne) also generously donated $100,000 to have the Sydney-based Perry cook for them and their 9 lucky guests in their very own homes. The happening was the official opening of the Rockpool WA restaurant, following the Melbourne launch we understand. Guests were happy to pay $1,000 for the world class, 3 course plus dinner. Perry was happy to make a speech and mentioned how Perth people had embraced his new restaurant and said that there had been no cynicism from the public. "What an amazing result for the Starlight Children’s Foundation - Perth should be proud of its generosity tonight. "With three healthy kids of my own, I have been a passionate and active supporter of the Starlight Children’s Foundation for 22 years. Anything I can do to alleviate the pain and stress that these kids go through by using my name is a fair trade," he said. It's understood Perry is very appreciative of Packer, Forrest, Rinehart and the news media who have covered his ventures in a fair and balanced capacity. Give yourselves all a pat on the back, and we will keep Rockpoool and Starlight Foundation front of mind. Good show.

Shane Warne Poker Her Celeb Does Melbourne With Hurley Burley; Coffee Table, Not Bed!...

Yesterday the Warnie-Hurley has been doing Melbourne, with various sightings around the city. Warne may not have hit the sweet spot at Crown Casino Aussie Millions in terms of results, but his spin and sleight of hand sure seems to be working a charm with liz. A "sexy" lunch spot was a key goal. Ok fellas, you can guess what the other goal may have been. No explanation needed hey. Tweeting to his 320,000 Twitter followers earlier that he was looking for venue suggestions, Shane Warne chauffeured Liz 'Hurley Burley' (affectionate) Hurley to an exclusive Melbourne golf club owned by ex Crown Casino boss Lloyd Williams, in tow by a swag of paparazzi and media choppers. The couple had enjoying Warne's Brighton mansion for about 40 hours since Hurley landed down under Tuesday evening. The ex spinner on reports of a new mattress being delivered to his house before her arrival via Twitter "Ps for the record - my so called big delivery to my house was not a mattress it was a coffee table, sorry to disappoint !" Thursday morning the Twitter followed with "Where is the sexiest place to take Elizabeth for lunch? Suggestions please? Chapel St? Crown? And no - not for spaghetti on toast". Warnie ended up driving to Capital Golf Club in Heatherton, a stones throw from Brighton, in a black Merc with tinted out windows, as you might expect. The Peter Thomson-designed course in Melbourne's southeast is a world class destination that has hosted celebs including Tiger Woods, who played practice rounds there ahead of the Australian Masters the past couple of years. Warne later tweeted about the photogs around his car. "Apologies to anyone driving on the rd & witnessing the ridiculous behavior by irresponsible photographers trying to get a pic !!!!!,. Ps I'm not complaining by the way, but I fear that someone could seriously get hurt on the rd as the photographers are so irresponsible." Media Man and friends are well aware of the bad and downright atrocious behavior of some photographers and paps, and that may be covered in a book just started to be talked about by Sydney based photography and artist, Eva Rinaldi, who has also shown off her works at a number of Australian casinos over the years, with more forecast soon at both Packer's Crown and Sin City Sydney's Star City. Ah, the ongoing saga of celebs, art and Aussie casinos continue.

Packer Property Has Tasmanian Devils; No, Not David "Wicked" Walsh....

The Hunter Valley breeding program for the insurance population of Tasmanian Devils could have its first newborns by the end of this month. The initial colony of 50 carnivorous marsupials has settled in to their new environment only a month after arriving in the Barrington Tops. The response to a facial tumour decimating the native Tasmanian population is being conducted on a property owned by billionaire businessman, James Packer. Devil Ark operations manager, Tim Faulkner advised 3 female devils are in season and have started mating. "We've got devils that are potentially one-third of their way already through a 21 day gestation," he said. "So we could experience birthing in as little as 15 days. We won't know the results of that for a couple of months because whilst the joeys are so small and the females are in a vulnerable state. So we won't do a pouch check maybe until June and at that point hopefully we've got a lot of babies." The Tasmanian Devils survived the Hunter Valley's recent heatwave. Faulkner says the hot weather had little impact on the animals. "In that extraordinary heat that the whole east coast experienced we never broke 32 degrees up here," he said. "So for the devils, they didn't experience the heatwave. They can escape into a burrow, they're very clever animals they will swim and cool down. The paddocks the devils are in are heavily timbered, they're nocturnal, they're out of a night time and through the peak of the heat, they're underground.". You got to love the Packer - Tassie Devil connection, and David down in Tassie, we will get back to you down the track mate. Plenty of devils to go around down under.

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