Anti-Virus Software Pioneer Sought in Murder of Neighbor Hired by Gaming, DFS Firm

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Jagajeet Chiba
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An eccentric multi-millionaire and US Presidential candidate has been hired to work for a social media gaming firm MGT, and his name is not Donald Trump.

John McAfee was best known for developing a popular anti-virus computer software but in recent years made headlines after authorities in Belize announced him as a person of interest in connection to the 2012 murder of his neighbor American expatriate Gregory Viant Faull.  

What followed was a bizarre sequence of stories and interviews that painted the businessman as a paranoid recluse.  McAfee said he feared the Belize police were out to kill him.  He ultimately fled to the Guatemala before being deported to the US.

McAfee, now a US Libertarian Presidential candidate, has long denied having anything to do with his neighbor’s murder.  As of January 8, 2014, Belizean police were yet to pursue extradition of the software millionaire.  No additional evidence has surfaced that ties McAfee to the shooting death of Faull.

MGT, which owns and operates social and real money gaming sites online as well as a Daily Fantasy Sports platform that once hosted porn kingpin Vivid Entertainment's venture into the DFS arena, is so smitten with McAfee as their new CEO, they have opted to rebrand as John McAfee Global Technologies, Inc.

Make no mistake about it, if you want to address cybersecurity and anti-virus issues, McAfee is your man.

At a recent conference, the anti-virus software pioneer warned of cataclysmic consequences to tech firms that fail to properly address cyber security concerns.

"We are teetering on an edge, not just as companies, not just as individuals, but as a nation and even as a world. We depend so much on our information science," he says. "Believe me, this will be the new paradigm... and until you are touched, you do not understand the fullness of the risk."

As far as his political aspirations go, McAfee can best be summed up as the brash Viking online casino operator dead set (no pun intended) on dismissing the anti-terror approaches offered by his more mainstream opponents and plans to completely overhaul the nation's counter-terror apparatus should he become President.

"We are blinded in our history in what used to work. It no longer works," McAfee said. "The digital age has changed the paradigm."

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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