75 Percent of Brits are Gambling Degenerates: Credit Cards Could Soon be Banned

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
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Gambling UK

Just shy of 75 percent of the United Kingdom’s population has dabbled in gambling this past year while 59 percent of the population gambled on the national lottery.

The nation’s Tourism Minister John Penrose painted an ominous picture from this news: ‘The increase in problem gambling is a direct result of Labour’s reckless Gambling Act.

‘The Labour government liberalised gambling laws but failed to implement the safeguards needed to protect the public and as a result the number of problem gamblers has risen to almost half a million.’

The same survey found that the average gambling debt for a Brit was £17,500.

The UK has long applied liberal standards when it comes to gambling.  They are one of the largest legalized online gambling jurisdictions in the world today.  Nonetheless, government forces are looking to ban foreign Web gambling firms from advertising in the country.

Penrose warned that credit cards for online gambling could soon be banned as well: ‘We are looking into this urgently and will announce shortly measures to tackle it. Once again, the Coalition has been left to clear up the mess left by Labour.’

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com


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