2010 College Bowl Betting Big For Bookies

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C Costigan
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The 2010 College Bowl betting season should help pad the pockets of online bookmakers catering to the North American market.  Trafficwise, Gambling911.com expects brisk activity throughout the day New Year's (January 1).

"Sure people will be nursing their hangovers but that shouldn't stop anyone from placing bets on their favorite College Bowl games," says Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of the Gambling911.com website.

Games begin at 11 am EST with the two biggies - The Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl - beginning later in the afternoon and evening, respectively.

Both of those games had lopsided action.  Oregon was getting around 75 percent or greater of the backing in its Rose Bowl game against Ohio State while Florida was now getting close to 80 percent.

"Both teams were getting well over 80 percent of the betting action coming into Thursday," O'Brien points out.

The Rose Bowl game line has moved between Oregon -3 ½ and -4 ½ at Bookmaker.com throughout the month of December and was now settling in at -4.

The Sugar Bowl has featured a very unstable line that jumped from Florida -10 ½ to -13 at Bookmaker.com and has since settled in around -12 ½.

Bookmaker.com, the oldest established online sportsbook catering to the North American market, has seen the most action coming in on the BCS Championship game between Alabama and Texas.  Bookmaker.com is offering a 20 percent cash signup bonus when you open an online betting account today.

The College Bowl season acts as a cushion between the dwindling NFL regular season and the upcoming Playoffs, which tend to attract heavy betting.

The first quarter of any year is among the biggest when it comes to online gambling with three major events unfolding.  These include the Super Bowl, The Academy Awards and March Madness.

Still, online bookies are starting to feel short changed following news that the heavily touted Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao fight will likely not be taking place March 13 as previously planned and this was expected to be one of the most wagered on events of the year.

"You can compare it to a rare lunar eclipse," O'Brien said.  "These bookies were expecting significant added revenue to be generated during these tough economic times that would not otherwise be there in any other year."

Alas, 2010 will provide some added wagering opportunities not present in 2009 or the two years previous.  Online gambling sites await anxiously for the 2010 FIFA World Cup while the Winter Olympics should generate some supplemental action.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher



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