2009 WSOP: November Nine to be Determined Within 24 Hours

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Ace King
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2009 WSOP

6467 down and 27 more to go and we will know within the next 24 hours which nine players will be sitting at the final table of the 2009 World Series of Poker come November. 

With play resuming at 3 pm EST, the 2009 WSOP November Nine should be known during the early morning hours of Thursday if not sooner.

There are of course some hot stories leading into Wednesday.

The hottest of all is Phil Ivey's run for the final table.  Ivey had the 4th largest number of chips:  11,350,000.  Should Ivey make it to the become part of the November Nine, the poker pro would bring instant star power to the event.  Whereas Chris Moneymaker demonstrated a few years back that you don't have to be a pro to win, Ivey would show that the pros still stand a chance even if the cards are stacked against them with over 6000 players in the field. 

There is the lone woman standing, Leo Margets, who unfortunately coming into Wednesday's play had the second lowest chip stack.  

Then we have the press becoming part of the story of the 2009 WSOP. 

Joe Sebok of PokerNews.com got eliminated early on Tuesday, making quite the run.  Jeff Shulman, CEO of Card Player Magazine, is still among the top 10 chip leaders with 10,170,000. 

An unknown named Darvin Moon held onto the lead with 20,160,000 chips.  He was not the only relative unknown as most of the remaining 27 had little name recognition if any.

Billy (patrolman35) Kopp was back in the driver's seat (or in the case of the 2009 WSOP, the passenger seat).  He had the 2nd largest chip stack.   He is best known for his handle Patrolman35 over at Absolute Poker.

James Akenhead, Antonio Esfandiari, Jordan Smith, Andrew Lichtenberger, Eric Buchman and Jeff Shulman each have won between $100,000 and a million in career live tournament play and have already added to that amount by a few hundred thousand being among the remaining 27.

Jonathan Tamayo and Tommy Vedes have each won around $100,000 in career live tournaments to date.

Here were your tables for the last day of play to determine the November Nine:


(Table 1)

Jesse Haabak - 2,750,000

Ian Tavelli - 4,385,000

James Calderaro - 6,475,000

Jonathan Tamayo - 3,300,000

Warren Zackey - 5,485,000

Eric Buchman - 10,005,000

Leo Margets - 1,530,000

Tommy Vedes - 5,070,000

James Akenhead - 8,615,000


(Table 2)

Phil Ivey - 11,350,000

Jeff Shulman - 10,170,000

George Caragiorgas - 1,615,000

Nick Maimone - 1,545,000

Andrew Lichtenberger - 5,625,000

Marco Mattes - 5,285,000

Joseph Cada - 6,565,000

Darvin Moon - 20,160,000

Jordan Smith - 4,510,000


(Table 3)

Jamie Robbins - 9,795,000

Antonio Esfandiari - 4,470,000

Francois Balmigere - 1,440,000

Ludovic Lacay - 5,610,000

Steven Begleiter - 11,885,000

Ben Lamb - 9,410,000

Antoine Saout - 11,135,000

Kevin Schaffel - 11,245,000

Billy Kopp - 15,970,

Ace King, Gambling911.com 

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