2009 WSOP Finalist Kevin Schaffel Interview With Woo

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Jenny Woo
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Kevin Schaffel

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the Final 9 of this year's WSOP - Kevin Schaffel.  We kept everything short and sweet but to the point.  I look forward to sitting down with this player again before he plays for the win of that WSOP bracelet and 9 million.  Schaffel I should point out is already guaranteed to walk off with over a million dollars in November.  He'll be representing our friends at Pokerstars.com.

JENNY:  How was your overall experience at this year's WSOP?

KEVIN: Absolutely incredible, especially having my son with me for the final 2 days.  It's something we'll always remember.

JENNY:  Will you be doing anything specific to prep yourself for November?

KEVIN:  Hopefully I will get to play a few big tournaments prior to Nov.7th but other than that I have no immediate plans.

JENNY:  Did you play in any other events?  And if so, which ones.

KEVIN: I played in 5 other events averaging $1500 buy-ins and had no cashes.

JENNY:  What's been the most memorable moment for you so far at the WSOP?

KEVIN: Making the final table of the main event - I think - is bigger than 1st place in almost any other tournament I can think of. Having my friends and family with me in Nov. will be very special for me.

JENNY:  Darvin Moon seems to have given a lot of credit to luck with the cards.  Do you see him as a skillful player and the one to beat at the final table?

KEVIN: Obviously with so many chips he is the one to beat but I honestly think that anyone who runs good for those 2 days can win this.

JENNY:  Do you see any weak players in the final 9?  And do you see anyone specific to beat?

KEVIN: I don't see any weak players in the final 9 and no I don't see anyone in particular to beat either.

JENNY:  Have you done anything yet with the million that you've received so far?  And what will you do with the rest of the 8 million?

KEVIN:  I'm going to buy a new car and that is it until after Nov. I'll let you know in November what I might do with 8 million.  Right now, I don't even want to think about it.

JENNY:  Do you like the final table being pushed back to November?  Or would you rather play all the way through?

KEVIN: I like the idea of delaying the finals with the main reason being so it can be shared with family and friends.

JENNY:  How often are you playing poker - online, live cash games and tournaments?

KEVIN: I haven't played a hand since but I do plan on playing all 3 prior to the finals.

JENNY:  How are your children reacting to your achievement - especially your son?  And did your son play at this year's WSOP as well?

KEVIN: It's been great for my 2 kids with all the attention but unfortunately my son wasn't old enough to play this year. He also needs a lot more experience to compete in an event of this stature.

JENNY:  What are your plans during the break?  Will you be taking time off from poker or will you be playing in more tournaments?

KEVIN: I plan on playing golf; take a short trip here or there to play live games, tournaments etc. And of course watch all the action on ESPN to see how everybody plays.  (Haha)

JENNY:  Thank you Kevin for taking time to do this interview.

Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent 

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