2008 – 2009 College Bowl Season Betting Promises Economic Relief

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C Costigan
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For online sportsbooks, the 2008 - 2009 bowl season will help boost gambling revenues at a time when the economy continues to struggle. 

"These are local teams, great matchups and fans will feel obliged to bet," said Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com writer. 

But just as retailers have extended the holiday season (anyone see the Christmas decorations popping up around Halloween?) online sportsbooks wasted little time getting their college bowl game lines up. 

Bookmaker.com released 2008 - 2009 College Bowl season betting odds before Sunday's BCS selection show had even concluded.

"With high profile teams playing in some of the best bowl games this season, heavy betting action is practically a guarantee," Shapiro points out.  "Alabama in the Sugar Bowl is huge.  Their fan base is amazing.  Everyone in Alabama will be betting on their Crimson Tide."

And the fact that they are playing Utah, a team that doesn't usually come to mind when we talk about BCS college bowl games, matters little since Alabama fans will compensate. 

It's not just the fan base differential (Alabama has the biggest college football following as a state), it's also the betting ratio since Utah is one of only two states that does not have any form of legalized gambling, including a state lottery.  Online gambling is not technically illegal in the state (as it is in Washington State), but the activity is frowned upon there.

College Football bowl game betting odds are being offered on games from December 23 through January 8, which is the 2009 BCS Championship at Bookmaker.com

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