$1.3 Mil Cash Intercepted by RCMP Tied to Hells Angels Internet Gambling Biz

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Alejandro Botticelli
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$1.3 Mil Cash Intercepted by RCMP Belonged to Hell’s Angels Tied Internet Gambli

David Baines of the Vancouver Sun reports that a backpack filled with $1.3 million cash intercepted by the RCMP enroute to Vancouver in February 2012 belonged to a Hells Angels linked Internet gambling operative. 

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The monies were later returned to Erwin Speckert, though the RCMP continued to investigate him.  Speckert was later implicated in an alleged stock scheme by the B.C. Securities Commission.

Baines writes:

In February this year, they charged him with possessing the proceeds of crime, trafficking in the proceeds of crime, possession for the purpose of trafficking in proceeds of crime, and laundering the proceeds of crime — to wit, the proceeds of illegal gambling in Ontario. He was arrested and is currently awaiting trial.

RCMP declined to provide any information on the gambling enterprise, but I have now determined that it is an Internet gambling enterprise involving London Hells Angel Rob Barletta.

On March 6, Barletta, 43, was arrested in connection with the police bust of Platinum Sportsbook in Markham, Ont., during a Super Bowl party a month earlier.  Platinum SB also hosted a website out of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Baines writes:

I have determined that this is the illicit gambling enterprise that police referred to when they charged Speckert with possessing the proceeds of crime and money laundering.

- Alejandro Botticelli, Gambling911.com

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