America’s Most Wanted: “Murderous” Mother And Son Arrested In Atlantic City

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In the early morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010, Michelle Costello, 43, and her son Peter, 19, were captured at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, N.J.

The arrest came after an alert tipster notified security that there were two alleged killers from Las Vegas milling about the casino floor -- though the tipster didn't know their names.

When security told New Jersey State Police about the two possible suspects, they immediately tried to determine their identities -- and it took AMW.com to make that happen.

Earlier that week, law enforcement authorities alerted the local Philadelphia media outlets that the two suspects were in their area.

Using news reports and old-fashioned sleuth work, New Jersey State Police Detectives Thomas Wieczerak and Gene Hanemann determined that the tipster was referring to Michelle and Peter Costello.

Upon finding their photos on our website, the detectives printed them out and walked into the Resorts Casino just after midnight. The investigators could not believe their eyes, because standing before them as they walked through the casino doors were none other than Michelle and Peter Costello.

Michelle Costello had ventured over to a blackjack table, while her son walked into a nearby bathroom. Within seconds of sighting the alleged murderers, both were taken into custody without incident by the New Jersey State Police and the Atlantic City Police Department.

The Costellos were booked into the Atlantic County Jail on a no-bail warrant, where they will await extradition to Las Vegas.

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