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The Packers have the 3rd shortest odds of winning Super Bowl 52 at 11/1 for a payout potential of $1100 on every $100 bet.

The Packers were coming in with a total of 10.5 with the UNDER favored at -140.  The OVER was only priced at -110 if you were thinking this Green Bay squad will be superior.  We have our concerns though.

Then again, the fine folks at USA Today (who happen to be pretty good prognosticators) believe the Pack will be back in the Super Bowl.

Nate Davis says they will win 12 regular season games, beating the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons in the NFC playoffs.

“They open against Seattle and at Atlanta and only play at Lambeau twice after Thanksgiving. Still, they should once again be the class of this division,” Davis wrote.

Davis, by the way, is predicting a 16-0 regular season for the New England Patriots.

ESPN.com’s game-by-game predictions have the Packers finishing 11-5.  That’s still an OVER.

One thing certainly going for the Packers this year, they won’t be traveling as much as most teams and tend to dominate at home.  Only two teams will travel fewer miles for road games during the 2017 regular season than the Green Bay Packers.

ESPN has them losing on the road against last year’s overachievers, the Falcons, Cowboys and Steelers.  Throw in road games against two teams that are expected to play well in 2017: Minnesota and Carolina.

So what is our concern?

There are still holes in the Packs defense.  Ranking 31st in passing yards allowed didn’t prevent them from reaching the Playoffs again last season.  With Chicago and Minnesota in particular looking better on paper in 2017, the Packers failure to address their defense could result in a step backwards.

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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