What do the Patriots and the Red Sox Have in Common

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What do the Patriots and the Red Sox have in common? They are both from Boston and they are both playing huge games on the same night! The MLB playoffs are in full swing and this year the matchups are better than ever. What’s even better; this is an afternoon game! After you collect on this win, jump immediately and throw the profits on the NFL! How can it get any better? The Patriots take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it should be a great game. The Patriots are struggling as of late and laying -5 at home. Can they really cover 5? What about the total of 55? This is a good day for the gambler. Is Bill Belichick really the “great adjuster?” Jump on both of these and check out all of the latest Live lines and odds at your favorite online sportsbook.

 "Anytime you can get an opportunity to play in the postseason, you have to take advantage of it. Some people play years and years and they never make it."

Mookie Betts

Are the Red Sox playoff ready, did they learn anything from their postseason meltdown in 2016?

Gamblers Mistake #1

Living in the past:

Don’t get caught up in this trap. Forget about last year. This year is an entirely different season and the Red Sox have come a long way from the team that was swept by the Indians in the ALDS. That Red Sox team was young and inexperienced, and the inexperience showed up. This red Sox team has a solid year of sweating it out together, bleeding together and gelling as a team together. Vegas isn’t convinced. What about your bookie, what do their numbers indicate?

Picking the right Online Sports BookieHow to become a Bookie

Manager John Farrell has learned a lot about his team and he realizes they were humbled. The entire squad pressed last season. They buckled under the pressure. They were the deer in the headlights, from inning 1, game 1, they struggled and the Cleveland Indians looked like they were the team to beat. We all know how that turned out! Turns out, they were the team to beat in the ALDS. The Indians are still quite possibly, the team to beat. What does Vegas think? What do the offshore bookies think?

The Red Sox can turn the corner but they must get game 1

We know the Red Sox felt the heat and they pressed last year due to an overall lack of experience on a big stage. This year look for them to be a very different playoff team. Look for them to be focused and driven, but relaxed. You will not see them pressing, nervous or frightened of the spotlight. Forget about last year. The Red Sox are series ready for this one and they will make an impact. They are ready to make an impact. Looking to make a deposit but not sure who offers the best baseball lines? Shop around and get the best value for your gambling dollar.

Chris Sale

Sale by the numbers:

ERA 2.90, wins 17, loses 8, Innings pitched 214.1, hits 165, homeruns 24, walks 43, strike outs 308.

Justin Verlander

Verlander by the numbers:

ERA 3.36, wins 15, loses 8, innings pitched 206, hits 170, homeruns 27, walks 72, strike outs 219.

Justin Verlander is great at what he does, he is a more than capable playoff winner and he is a workhorse. However, and a very big however exist here, he gives up a lot of walks as well as the long ball, not to mention; he is new! Yes sir, he’s new. He can say all of the right things in a sound bite, make his team happy and make the Houston press happy but is his heart still in Detroit? How does playing for a new team affect his performance as a first game, playoff series starter? Starting Verlander just might be a mistake. Baseball managers never look at feelings or emotions and usually this works; this time it just might not work. Is your sports book making the grade? Why not get a great baseball bonus?

Chris Sale will not be bound by any emotion whatsoever. Only the drive to mow people down, to do what he does best; get strikeouts! You can count on a big game from Sale. He is living for this moment and the Red sox want redemption for the embarrassing way in which they were punked by the Indians in 2016. How many strikeouts will he have? Check out the latest lines with your favorite bookie.

This is not a series prediction, this is a first game prediction. Take the Sox! Don’t think twice. Sale is game ready and you can count on the Red Sox lineup to be game ready. They will not be tight, they will not be nervous and they will not be pressing. They will be ready. Give it up to Houston, they have had a great year and they consistently hit the ball well. The Red Sox also hit the ball well and this one comes down to pitching. Sale gets the win. Jump on this number because you may not see a + number for the Red Sox again!  If you are looking for great prop odds in this one, be sure and dial in with your favorite online sportsbook for the latest live lines.

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