Wayne Rooney Chest Shaving Tweet and Manchester United Prop Bets

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Alistair Prescott
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Wayne Rooney Chest Shaving Tweet

Wayne Rooney shaved his chest and tweeted to the world and Gambling911.com presents a number of great Manchester United celebratory prop bets. 

Manchester United celebrated its 19th league title on Saturday following a win over Stoke while star player Wayne Rooney continued the celebration with a bizarre chest shaving tweet.

Rooney shaved the number 19 (symbolizing the number of championships won) onto his bare chest then displayed a picture on Twitter for all his fans to see, as well as fellow teammates. 

Teammate Michael Owen was stunned by Rooney's approach to celebrating and tweeted: 'None of us thought Wazza would send that picture! He is madder than we thought!!!'

Oddly enough Rooney only started tweeting a little over two weeks ago

His first tweet was to team-mate Rio Ferdinand, writing: "Hi Rio do you want picking up in the morning pal."

His next tweet:  "Hi all this is Wayne Rooney just started so bare with me. Hope all is well. I'll get rio to approve it's me guys. Xoxo".

Rooney has previously posted a photo of himself in the tanning salon.  He definiately can use the color. 

The footballer had amassed a 170,000 followers in just one day after he started the account. 


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…..Here are some great Manchester United prop bet odds to check out:

Man United to remain unbeaten:  13/2 odds at PaddyPower.com.

Next permanent manager:  Jose Mourinho at even odds at VictorChandler.com; David Moyes at 5/1 and Martin O’Neill pays 8/1 odds at Skybet.com.  Laurent Blanc pays 10/1 odds at Victor.  Fabio Capello pays 11/1 at Sky.

Same manager on May 22 pays 16/1 odds on the NO at Victor Chandler.

To remain unbeaten for the entire Premiership season pays 13/2 at Paddy.

Total league defeats:  3 pays 3/1 at PaddyPower.com.

Sir Alex Ferguson retiring after the Champions League Final pays 8/1 at William Hill.

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com

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