Vegas Sportsbooks Breakdown the Action, Bets Popularity for Super Bowl 49

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Dan Shapiro
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Vegas Sportsbooks Breakdown the Action, Bets Popularity for Super Bowl 49

One of Las Vegas’ top sportsbook heads spoke to CNBC about Super Bowl 49 betting action. 

This could be a record-breaking year, according to John Avello, executive director of the Wynn Sports Book in Las Vegas.  He’s a 25 year veteran of the industry who personally sets all the odds for Wynn including the hundreds of prop bets that will be offered up this year.

$119 million was made on last year’s Super Bowl. Revenue from football wagering in Las Vegas was nearly a billion dollars and made up 60 percent of all bookmaking action in town.

"It was all about Manning. Manning Mania," Avello told CNBC. "All the bets were pretty much relying on Manning to bring the team through. That didn't happen. So, this year gamblers are taking a more cautious approach to the Super Bowl because we do have the defending champs there."

Avello said that only 10 to 20 percent of the money is in so far and most of the bets will come in when tourists come in for the weekend.


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