Utah Primate Named Eli Picks Green Bay Packers to Win 2011 Super Bowl

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Eli The Orangutan

Have we found a replacement for Paul the Octopus?

How about Eli The Orangutan?

The giant ape, housed at a Utah zoo, hopes to follow in the world famous sea soothsayer’s footsteps.

You might recall that Paul correctly picked every game of last year’s football world cup.  He even picked Serbia to beat Germany early on.

Paul passed away soon after and now it’s Eli’s turn.

Lindsay Renner, who works with the Hogle Zoo primates made it clear who Eli’s prediction on next Sunday’s Super Bowl will be.

She said, “He did indeed choose the Packers - you can mark it down as the winner for this year."

So who is to say Eli is not some type of charlatan? 

Renner said, “Every single year that we have done this - this primate picks for the super bowl - he has chosen the correct team."

His pick consists of walking up to a paper mache helmet for both teams and selecting the one he believes will win.

Renner added, “Contrary to popular belief we did not bribe Eli in any way with extra food. He made the decision free of his own choosing."

Paul’s method consisted of selecting a box that featured the team flag.  Each box consisted of the same amounts of food.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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