UEFA Euro 2012 Betting Odds Now Available – 11 October

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UEFA Euro 2012 Betting Odds

BetDSI.com is heavily getting into the European football betting market and this week feature some great UEFA Euro 2012 betting odds for Tuesday 11 October, which were available to those punters/bettors across the world including the USA. 

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The UEFA (European region) is near the end of the EURO 2012 qualification series; in fact, several teams are looking to beat their rivals just because, other needs a few points to get into the tournament and others just want to go unbeaten. Of course, all of these matches are a huge reason to bet on soccer.

Here are the best soccer lines for this Tuesday:

BELGIUM +1½ -135 o3 -110 +700 vs GERMANY -1½ +105 u3 -120 -350 Draw +400

NORTHERN IRELAND +1½ +115 o2½ -130 +1500 vs ITALY -1½ -145 u2½ EV -800 Draw +585

SERBIA PK -285 o2 -145 -145 vs SLOVENIA PK +225 u2 +115 +350 Draw +235

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA +1 -105 o2½ EV +525 vs FRANCE -1 -125 u2½ -130 -233 Draw +300

NETHERLANDS PK-115 o2½ -105 +150 vs SWEDEN PK-115 u2½ -125 +150 Draw +225

GREECE PK-325 o2 -125 -143 vs GEORGIA PK +265 u2 -105 +450 Draw +225

PORTUGAL PK -150 o2 -135 +150 vs DENMARK PK +120 u2 +105 +215 Draw +150

CZECH REPUBLIC -1 -110 o2½ EV -175 vs LITHUANIA +1 -120 u2½ -130 +400 Draw +250

SCOTLAND +2 -115 o3½ +125 +1250 vs SPAIN -2 -115 u3½ -155 -800 Draw +615

Go to BetDSI and bet on soccer, but if you don’t know who to bet on, well, go to their sports news section and get some advice from their betting experts.

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