Trio of Super Bowl 45 Bets a Value-Packed Venture Thanks to In-Depth Analysis

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Tim Furious
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Super Bowl 45 Bets

Pro gridiron gamblers that are looking to strike early and often with their multitude of Super Bowl 45 Bets in the BetUS Football Sportsbook, may just want to throw a few bouquets (or cash) my way when the annual title tilt is all over.

Okay, okay, I was just joking about sharing your potential Super Bowl 45 Bets winnings (unless you really, really want to) but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve done a ton of research and analysis in an effort to help avid BetUS Super Bowl 45 betting enthusiasts maximize their chances for cashing in big against the value-packed Super Bowl XLV Odds surrounding the quickly-approaching championship game.

With that thought in mind, let me get down to the business at hand – offering up three more potential money-making Super Bowl 45 Bets predictions against their value-packed Super Bowl 45 Odds.

Will the Game go to Overtime

Yes +700

No -1400

Analysis:Simply put, expecting Super Bowl XLV to go to overtime, may be almost akin to literally ‘wishing on a star’ BetUS pro football betting enthusiasts.

Not one single Super Bowl matchup has ever gone to overtime and even though the NFL rules have changed for postseason overtime affairs this season, I’ve got to believe the ‘no overtime’ trend will continue its untouched run against the Super Bowl 45 Odds in this contest as either the Packers or Steelers finish off their Super Bowl45 opponent decisively with a fourth-quarter flurry.

Super Bowl 45 Predictions:Let’s see … 44 Super Bowls and no overtime, tells me this one isn’t going to overtime either. Play the ‘No’ here BetUS Super Bowl 45 betting enthusiasts.

Super Bowl 45 Picks: No Overtime

First Turnover of the Game

Fumble +120

Interception -150

No Turnovers in the Game +700

Analysis:The first turnover in last season’s Super Bowl XLIV matchup between the Saints and Colts was an interception that broke a two-game Super Bowl streak of fumbles being the first turnover in the annual championship showdown.

In Super Bowls 40 and 41, interceptions ruled the day as the first turnover of the game, bringing the Total to three interceptions versus two fumbles in the last five Super Bowls.

Super Bowl 45 Predictions:My Super Bowl 45 prediction here is for the ‘Interception’ selection to play out against the Super Bowl XLV Odds as either Aaron Rodgers or Ben Roethlisberger try to squeeze one into tight coverage.

Super Bowl 45 Picks: Interception

Will the First Down in the Game Happen On

Pass Play -200

Run Play +160

Analysis:The first down in each of the last three Super Bowls – and four of the last five overall -  have all come by way of the good-ol’ forward pass BetUS Super Bowl 45 betting buffs!

Indianapolis Colts running back Joseph Addai (remember him?) is the only runner to pick up the game’s initial first down via the run, which he did by rushing up the middle for 14 yards after Peyton Manning threw incomplete to Dallas Clark on first down.

Super Bowl 45 Predictions:I’m going with the ‘Pass Play’ Super Bowl 45 prediction here gridiron gamblers, not only because history says so, but also because the Packers and Steelers have two of the very best quarterbacks in the game today.

Super Bowl 45 Picks: Pass Play

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