Top 10 Prop Bets for Super Bowl 2015 – Payouts, Novelty

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Carrie Stroup
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Top 10 Prop Bets for Super Bowl 2015 – Payouts, Novelty has your Top 10 Prop Bets for Super Bowl 2015, with payouts a consideration as well as well as the novelty or uniqueness to this year’s big game.

  1. Katy Perry’s Wardrobe and First Song – was offering odds on what singer Katy Perry will perform first at Super Bowl 2015 as well as her choice of outfit but what we really want to know is will there be a wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson way back when?  No odds yet on that, at least none that we can find.  By the way, the whipped cream bikini betting prop is starting to gain some traction, though not offered by all online sportsbooks.
  2. Perry won’t be the only Super Bowl figure whose fashion statement makes the sportsbook’s Super Bowl 2015 Top 10 Prop Bets category.  The color of Bill Belichick’s hoodie odds are also available at Sportsbook.
  3. Time to Sing the National Anthem - For gamblers looking to get a little action in on one of the most popular Super Bowl betting props, the odds on Menzel’s Time to Sing the National Anthem have been set at OVER/UNDER 122.5 seconds.
  4. Color of the Gatorade Bath – Always a popular Super Bowl prop bet.  Orange was the favorite at +150 odds for a payout potential of $15 for every $10 bet.
  5. Marshawn Lynch fines – How many times OVER/UNDER?
  6. Margin of Victory Odds – These always feature huge payout odds and last year’s lopsided victory by Seattle should motivate more folks to place wagers on the Margin of Victory for Super Bowl 2015. Payouts can get into the thousands.
  7. is still on the search for this prop bet but we are hearing more about the mention of the word “Deflategate” in connection to the Patriots deflated footballs scandal of this past weekend.
  8. The coin toss – Probably the single most popular Super Bowl prop bet.  It is 50/50…well then again. tends to offer a price of EVEN or better on Heads or Tails whereas most books offer a price of -115.
  9. Super Bowl MVP – Not just who wins but who he thanks.  God is usually the favorite.  This year, teammates are favored at +150.
  10. Who will US President Barack Obama pick to win Super Bowl 2015?

- Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter

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