Texas Pac-10 Defection “Imminent”

Written by:
Dan Shapiro
Published on:
Texas Pac 10

Sources close to ESPN.com insist that a Texas Pac-10 defection is "imminent", however, there have been conflicting reports all morning long.

Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are all expected to move to the Pac-10.

One source said commissioner Dan Beebe's last-minute plan to save the conference has "zero" chance to succeed. Another source said it is "very unlikely" to succeed.

Texas' interests in being aligned with the research opportunities and academic missions of Pac-10 schools is driving the decision, along with money.

Texas A&M is now most likely to join the SEC, a source within the Big 12 said. This move, in the wake of Colorado and Nebraska's departure, would further diminish the chance of Beebe's plan succeeding, one source said.

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