Texans Super Bowl Odds – 2014: 10-1 has Great Value

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Mary Montgomery
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Texans Super Bowl Odds – 2014: 10-1 has Great Value

The Texans Super Bowl odds for 2014 were set at 10-1, which is a great value all things considered.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated writes of Houston:

It has been a slow climb for the Texans franchise, which waited 10 seasons for its first playoff berth and now, after back-to-back AFC South crowns, is seeking a postseason win over someone other than the Bengals. Houston boasted a top-10 offense and top-10 defense last season, en route to a 12-4 record. If Hopkins is everything the Texans dream him to be, they could be even better in 2013. The Texans have been on the brink for the past two seasons. They’re a Super Bowl contender again, but can they get over the top?

Here is a concern with Houston, as noted by Deadspin.com:

Whenever the Texans were let out of that broadcasting spiderhole to play a REAL team (Packers, Patriots) last season, they were obliterated.

If they can’t beat top teams, they won’t win a Super Bowl.  Assuming Baltimore remains superior, Houston will be playing five powerhouse teams in 2013.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com


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