Team to Score First Betting Odds: 2013 Super Bowl

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Dan Shapiro
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Team to Score First Betting Odds:  2013 Super Bowl had your Team to Score First betting odds for the 2013 Super Bowl.  Bet the big game at here and qualify to receive up to $2500 in FREE BONUS MONEY based on your initial deposit (*a deposit is what you open your wagering account with initially in order to place bets).  


While San Francisco was listed with a -145 line, the real value bet was Baltimore paying out $11.50 for every $10 wagered should they be the first to score.  IN the opinion of, the 49ers have little value when it comes to this particular Super Bowl prop bet.

Super Bowl scoring odds were abundant at Bookmaker, a company sports bettors have trusted since 1986.

Team to reach 6 points first in the game had San Francisco at -145 again and Baltimore paying $11.50 for every $10 bet.  These prices were similar for the first team to reach 9 and 10 points, respectively. 13 and 14 points for Baltimore pays $13.50 for every $10 bet.  Again, sees some value here.

Of course there were additional prop bets on first team to score a touchdown and field goal.

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