Super Bowl Race to Points Prop Bet - 2023

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Don Shapiro
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The Super Bowl Race to Points prop bet involves the first team to reach a certain disignated number of points.  The payouts improve as we get to 30 and beyond.

Typically these start off at 10 points.

Rot     Race To 10 Points     Moneyline
1003     Chiefs         -105
1004     Eagles         -130
1005     Neither         +10000

Reading the odds: A minus in front of the number such as -130 means you will have to bet $13 to win $10, keeping in mind you get back that $13 plus the $10 providing the bet is a winner.

When you see +200, you will bet $10 to win $20 or $100 to win $200.  In the above odds, +10000 would pay out $10,000 on a $10 bet.


In case you're wondering, no Super Bowl has featured both teams scoring fewer than ten points.  2019 probably came the closest with a final score of 13-3.  The Chiefs won that Super Bowl, beating the San Francisco 49ers.  Don't expect the Eagles to score in the single digits here.

Rot     Race To 15 Points     Moneyline
1006     Chiefs         Ev
1007     Eagles         -125
1008     Neither         +3000
Rot     Race To 20 Points     Moneyline
1009     Chiefs         +115
1010     Eagles         -115
1011     Neither         +900
Rot     Race To 25 Points     Moneyline
1012     Chiefs         +185
1013     Eagles         +135
1014     Neither         +210

Once we get to the Race to 30 points, payouts improve immensely.

Rot     Race To 30 Points     Moneyline
1015     Chiefs         +300
1016     Eagles         +225
1017     Neither         -115

This represents a $30 payout on a $10 bet on the Chiefs and $22.50 on the Eagles.

Rot     Race To 35 Points     Moneyline
1018     Chiefs         +650
1019     Eagles         +475
1020     Neither         -350
Rot     Race To 40 Points     Moneyline
1021     Chiefs         +1100
1022     Eagles         +800
1023     Neither         -850

The last team to score more than 40 points in a Super Bowl?

That would be the Philadelphia Eagles (41) in Super Bowl 2018. 

The Eagles pay out $80 on a $10 bet should they hit that magic number first.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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