Super Bowl Halftime Gambling - Squeeze in a game of Roulette, Blackjack and Carrie Stroup

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Super Bowl Halftime Gambling is betting on its new LIVE DEALER CASINO to surprise and delight its Super Bowl betting fans with a very special half-time gambling roulette promotion.

Straight bets on the number of the half time total will be paid out double  i.e. 10-7 HT any bet on 17 straight (no corners etc) will get paid out double. This will be automatic and will run for the duration of the HT period. They’ll also be a halftime show that promises to give the Lingerie Bowl a run for its money with cheerleaders and more.

You can find’s own Carrie Stroup there as well.  She doubles as the spokesperson for the LIVE DEALER CASINO.

Learn more here.

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