Super Bowl bets: Punts, Penalties, Scores, Conversions And More

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Don Shapiro
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Super Bowl bets:  Punts, Penalties, Scores, Conversions

SBG Global, like most online sportsbooks, has been offering a host of great Super Bowl bets all week long.  Punts, penalties, first and last to score….they’re all here

Team to receive the opening kickoff in the game had the Green Bay Packers as -135 favorites and the Pittsburgh Steelers at slightly better than even odds.

The first team to kick off also had the Pack at -135 odds and Pittsburgh just better than even.

The Packers were only a slight favorite to score first in the game at -120 while the Steelers came in at -110.  Both plays require a nominal risk vs. reward.

Team to score last in the game was listed at -115 for both.  These same odds were posted for the team to get the first 1st down in the game.

Green Bay was listed with -130 odds to get a penalty first while Pittsburgh had even odds.

Team to punt first had odds of -115 for both sides as did the longest touchdown score in the game.

Another bet requiring a nominal risk vs. reward for both sides had the Packers listed at -120 to have the longest kickoff return in the game while Pittsburgh was listed with -110 odds.  These same odds were applied to the longest punt return of the game. 

3rd down conversions made first in the game had both teams at -115 odds.

The team to use the first time out in the game was also listed with -115 odds for both sides.

The team to have the most 1st downs in the game favored Green Bay at -1 vs. the Steelers at +1.

The team to score last in the first half had the Packers as a -120 favorite while Pittsburgh was listed at -110.

Both Green Bay and Pittsburgh had a line of -115 to commit the most turnovers.   Likewise, the most punts were about even.

The Packers were a -120 favorite to have the most successful field goals in the game while the Packers were also listed as the -120 favorite to miss the first field goal. 

Green Bay was a -125 favorite to have the longest field goal whereas Pittsburgh was listed with near even odds.

The shortest field goal in the game had Green Bay with a line of -120 vs. Pittsburgh at -110.

There were also odds on first fumbles, turnovers and breakdowns per quarters.  Check out all the Super Bowl 2011 odds here at SBG Global (in business since 1999). 

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