Super Bowl 49 Winner is New England Patriots in Shocker

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Carrie Stroup
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Super Bowl 49 Winner is New England Patriots in Shocker

It was to be expected with EVEN odds as Super Bowl 49 become the first ever to go into overtime and the odds were 8-1 to do so.  It looked possible with just over two minutes left but not this year. Unlike last year’s Super Bowl, this one was a game throughout, even when the Seahawks held a 4-point lead.  

Oddsmakers desperately needed the Seattle Seahawks to cover a +1 line with close to 70% of the spread action on New England.

Seattle at one point led by 10 points coming into the 4th quarter but the Patriots managed to come back with just over two minutes left, taking the four point lead.

In the end, with Seattle about to score on the goal line, New England intercepted the ball to win Super Bowl 49.

Money Line

NE  -115                49%

SEA -105               51%


NE -1                     68%

SEA +1                  32%


Over 47.5             46%

Under 47.5          54%


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