Super Bowl 47 Line Drops to -3.5 at Many Books

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Ean Lamb
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Super Bowl 47 Line Drops to -3.5 at Many Books

The Super Bowl 47 line had dropped to -3.5 after hanging at -4 for several days.  The opening number was -5.5 but quickly fell within an hour to -4 across the board.   BetOnline was offering the 49ers at -3.5 as of Tuesday evening while those looking to bet the Ravens would want to do so at, which was still holding at +4

“The one thing we can say with almost 100 percent certainty is that no book will drop this line to the dangerous number of -3,” noted Dan Shapiro of

The Vegas books were also divided between the -3.5 and -4.

As for the total on Super Bowl 47, the number opened at 47 (kinda ironic) and has moved a half point up at some books.

The money line had Baltimore paying $16 for every $10 bet or $160 for every $100 bet with an outright win and 85 percent of those wagering the money line were indeed on the Ravens. 

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