Super Bowl 2015 Odds of a Safety: Would be 4th Consecutive

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Mary Montgomery
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Super Bowl 2015 Odds of a Safety: Would be 4th Consecutive

Super Bowl 2015 odds of a safety happing for a 4th consecutive time were set at 6/1 at


Safeties were a rare occurrence prior to four years ago.  The longest drought between Super Bowl safeties is eighteen years between Super Bowl XXV to Super Bowl XLIII.

Having three Super Bowls in a row with a safety scored is considered a novelty especially when one considers there have only been nine Super Bowls in which a safety occurred.

This was such a popular wager that the crashed for nearly 15 minutes after the safety was scored in last year’s Super Bowl as hundreds of thousands of people sought the payout odds.

One would have to bet $10 to win $1 (with the $10 bet refunded) for a safety not to occur. believes this might be a sure thing, but then again, we said that last year too.

- Mary Montgomery,

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