Super Bowl 2011 Total at 44.5 to 45

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Ean Lamb
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Super Bowl 2011 Total

One of the biggest bets on the Super Bowl 2011 will be on the game total.  Already, total bets occupy two of the top 6 most wagered events for the upcoming Super Bowl. 

Across the board the online sportsbooks are split among the number 44.5 and 45. featured a total of 44.5

While statistically, the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburg Steelers were the two strongest defenses this season, one shouldn’t be too tempted to bet on the UNDER.

Consider this:  Two Super Bowls of the past decade (2001 and 2003) featuring two of the all-time greatest defenses both managed to go OVER the posted totals. 

For Pittsburgh, the OVER has occurred in two of the last three games of this post season when applying the current number.  For the Packers, it has happened only once in that time span. 

Three of the four teams where the score went OVER the current number had winning records.  Pittsburgh went OVER the current total with both Baltimore and New Orleans over their past 10 games. 

With all that said, it is difficult to believe these two teams playing one another will result in a score above 44.5. 

The public believes this Super Bowl is going OVER.  75 percent of the total backing is on the OVER.

- Ean Lamb,

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