Super Bowl 2011 Bets: Where’s The Action At?

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Don Shapiro
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Super Bowl 2011 Bets

Super Bowl 2011 bets were nearly even on the spread with 52 percent of the money flowing in on the Green Bay Packers.  That 2 percent variance above even, however, is significant in this type of high volume game.

Significant lopsided action is coming in on the OVER 45 where we are seeing above 75 percent of the volume.  The bookmakers will be looking for an UNDER here to be sure.

Money line wagering was all going the way of the Pittsburgh Steelers at a 72 percent clip.

The first half bet on Green Bay was one of the biggest of the day, the second most important lopsided Super Bowl bet at Diamond Sports International

Heavy action was also coming in on the coin toss landing on heads.

Everything will be balanced out with the vast number of proposition bets that are said to be more than the game itself in Vegas.

Tons of Super Bowl 2011 bets available at Diamond Sports International

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