Super Bowl 2010 Weather Forecast For Sports Bettors

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Dan Shapiro
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Super Bowl 2010 Weather

The other day when we here at were discussing betting on the 2010 Super Bowl, there was an interesting blurb pulled from the folks at

"The humid weather at South Beach could play a role again this time around. The footballs used for the Super Bowl are more heavily painted than the ones used during the regular season and playoffs, and are more slippery because of it.

"Factor in the humidity, Drew Brees' small hands, and Peyton Manning's Super Bowl experience, and such a small thing could be the difference next Sunday."

Weather WAS a factor two years ago in Miami when it poured throughout much of the Super Bowl.

Your Miami Beach-based crew has a pretty good handle on the weather right now.

Already you may have been reading about the heavy rain that has fallen here on Monday with a few more isolated downpours occurring on Tuesday.  Both days were humid and Wednesday was less so, but still up there for dry season.

Forget about any humidity on Super Bowl Sunday folks!

It's going to be sunny and cool.  In fact, temperatures are expected to dip into the low 50's Super Bowl Sunday night and the game itself will be played in the 60's once sun sets.

Weather will have no impact on this year's Super Bowl as a cold front moves through the area the day before.

Dan Shapiro, 

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