Super Bowl 2010 Spread: From Colts -4 to -6

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C Costigan
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Super Bowl 2010 Spread

As of 5:30 am EST Super Bowl Sunday morning, the Super Bowl 2010 spread ranged anywhere from Indianapolis Colts -4 at SBG Global to New Orleans Saints +6 at  We've been encouraging people to take advantage of this opportunity all morning since we are not sure how long it will last.  Bet both sides and hope the game falls on Indianapolis by 5 points.  If it doesn't, your loss is nominal (just the small amount of juice on the favorite).  Bet the team you like elsewhere. has been reporting that the "sharp" money was coming in on New Orleans late.

How big is betting on the Super Bowl?

As much as $10 billion will be wagered worldwide on today's big game.

The majority of recreational online sportsbooks were reporting approximately 65 percent backing on the Colts.  An Indianapolis win beyond 6 points (the largest Super Bowl 2010 spread still available) will hurt the books to some extent, though they will make much of that money back through the hundreds of betting props being offered.


Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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