Super Bowl 2010 Odds (Updated)

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C Costigan
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Super Bowl 2010 Odds

Super Bowl 2010 odds have been updated and there is definitely some great value to be found at betED.com.  Let's look at the trending below.

Trending Upwards:

Dallas Cowboys - Having won their last two games amidst the cloud of unprecedented losses during the month of December in recent seasons, the Cowboys now need to prove they can make it happen in the Playoffs.  This is a decent team that can end up with 11 wins on the season playing in one of the toughest divisions (despite New York's woes of late).  The Cowboys Super Bowl 2010 odds were at +1300 for a payout potential of $1300 for every $100 bet or $130 for every $10 bet.  A win in Philadelphia will likely result in their odds being slashed further.  Gambling911.com suggests locking these payout odds in now.

Philadelphia Eagles - Quite possibly the Eagles are looking like the strongest team in the NFC entering the Playoffs.  At +775 odds, they are a steal for at least a small wager since $10 pays $75 and $100 pays $775 should they win the 2010 Super Bowl

San Diego Chargers - Have won 10 straight.  Nuff said.  They still pay $375 for every $100 bet at betED.com!!!

Pittsburgh Steelers - Having won their last two games, the Steelers look as if they are getting their act together now but it could be too late as they may not make the Playoffs.  A $100 bet does pay $9000 should they win the 2010 Super Bowl though and this one is tempting.

Indianapolis Colts - At +275, the value is still great on this team that probably would still be undefeated if not for Peyton being pulled out of last week's game.

New England Patriots - Pay $950 for every $100 bet.  You gotta love the Patriots at this number!!!!  They are at 10-5 and have won 3 straight. 

Arizona Cardinals - Will the real Cardinals team please step up.  If it is the one that won their last two they could end up in the Super Bowl for a second year straight.  Scary team that just can't be ruled out.  They look like the team that can beat anyone.  At +1600 odds, may be worth a small bet at least.

Green Bay Packers - They would pay out $2100 on a $100 bet if they were to win the 2010 Super Bowl.

New York Jets - A lot of bettors are inquiring since they will be in the Playoffs with a win over Cincinnati Week 17.  The Jets are a huge favorite at home, suggesting the oddsmakers believe they will win outright at least.  Jets pay a whopping $9500 for every $100 bet if they go on to win the Super Bowl 2010

Downward Trending:

Denver Broncos - What a great start but the Denver Broncos Super Bowl 2010 odds are +4800 for a reason.  They cooled down quite a bit the second half of the season.

New Orleans Saints - Getting beaten by the lowly Tampa Bay Bucs makes us wonder.  But we gotta believe they are just resting now.  The Saints would pay out $350 for every $100 bet if they win the Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings - A team that had everything going for it now looks in disarray.  Great value though if they can get their act together.  The Vikings Super Bowl 2010 odds were listed at +900 for a $900 win potential on every $100 bet.

Baltimore Ravens - Would pay out $2500 for every $100 bet.  Jets win, they're out.

Houston Texans - Difficult to get into the Playoffs but still mathematically possible.  Their odds would pay $10,000 for every $100 bet.

Cincinnati Bengals - No longer looking as sharp.  They would pay $3200 for every $100 bet.  Still great value we say.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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