Super Bowl 2010 Live Betting

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Tyrone Black
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With mobile devices so popular now, Super Bowl 2011 live betting will be huge.  Last year we witnessed the first glimpse of what the future holds.  Super Bowl live betting was available at, the oldest established online sportsbook.

Some important things to know before getting started with live betting:

First, you can't just start placing bets on Super Bowl 2011 without first opening an online betting account.  This takes a few minutes so make sure you have everything set up long before placing that favorite bet of yours.

Second, live betting allows you to wager on plays as they happen so make sure you familiarize yourself with the various offerings available at by clicking on the LIVE BETTING link on the Sportsbook page under NFL.

The spread changes as the situation changes, so be prepared to place that bet on the best possible line.  Don't miss a golden opportunity.

Oh, and live in-game Super Bowl betting can be addictive and heart-stopping.  Remember to be courteous to others at your Super Bowl gathering.  Don't ignore them.  At the same time, don't let those annoying folks interfere with your ability to place a winning bet either.

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