Sex Party Scandal Hangs Over La Roja Ahead of Euro 2016 Debut: Latest Odds

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  • Spain will face Czech Republic as a heavy 1-2 favorite Monday
  • Spanish keeper David de Gea denies allegations that he organized a sex party with prostitutes
  • One female prostitute claims she was forced to engage in certain sex acts
  • Sex scandals in Football nothing new including players caught with underage prostitutes, affairs with other players wives and Ronaldo’s encounters with transvestites

The Spain v Czech Republic Euro 2016 odds were coming in at Spain 1-2 and Czech Republic 7-1 with the Draw at 3-1.

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Czech Republic was seeing a surprising quarter of the action.

This matchup will take place in the shadow of a scandal involving Spanish keeper David de Gea, vying for a spot on in the Euro 2016 squad with longtime No. 1 keeper Iker Casillas and Sergio Rico.

David de Gea has denied allegations that he organized a “forced” sex party with prostitutes for two fellow footballers in 2012.  The one woman claims she was made to engage in sexual behavior against her will.

The news broke heading into the weekend and ahead of Monday’s Euro 2016 debut.

The scandal itself may serve as a distraction though Spain is viewed as a much more superior club over underdog Czech Republic.

Spain Stage of Elimination Odds: Last 16 9-4, Quarter Four 3-1, Semi Final and Winner Both 5-1

Sex scandals are nothing new in the world of international football.

In 2008, Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou were involved in an alleged sex scandal involving underage prostitute Zahia Dehar.  Reports suggested all three had slept with and had sex with the underage girl.  The French Court has since dropped the matter.

John Terry's affair with Manchester City’s Wayne Bridge's wife Vanessa Peronnce was another major sex scandal that rocked the world of soccer.  Before the incident, both were considered to be good friends and even played together at Chelsea and on the England national squad.  In the games against Chelsea that he has taken part since details of the alleged affair emerged, Bridge refused to shake hands with Terry.  Can we blame him?

Czech midfielder Tomas Rosicky along with his teammates were once caught late into the night with prostitutes by a female reporter, who posed as a fan.

The Czech had lost 2-1 to Germany in a European qualifier, and there were five players with six hookers in the night.

This sex scandal was likely to have had an adverse affect on performance, at least on the field.

And then there was the hugely embarrassing situation in which Portuguese star footballer Ronaldo brought three “ladies” to his home only to discover, supposedly to his surprise, that they were actually men.

The transvestites were accused of demanding money from Ronaldo though his companions claim the star knew they were not actually women and later joined them in snorting cocaine.

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