Report: Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney Close to Signing Paddy Power Deal

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Aaron Goldstein
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Wayne Rooney

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is close to signing a 50 million pound deal with the UK’s third largest bookmaker, Paddy Power, the Daily Star has revealed. 

Paddy Power spokesman Ken Robertson said: "Wayne is a sportspersonality we feel would be very suited to the Paddy Power brand and what it represents.

A similar offer by the company to Tigers Woods was turned down last year.

And like Tiger, “family oriented brands” are starting to ditch the troubled footballer following bad press related to an extra-marital affair and other sexually charged shortcomings.

Coca Cola decided not to renew its £600,000-a-year deal with Rooney.

Nigel Currie, director of agency brandRapport, told the Daily Star: “Rooney is box office – he will always attract sponsors.

“Now, however, they are less likely to be family brands and more likely to be ‘lads’ brands.”

Rooney makes approximately 8 million dollars yearly playing for Man United so a deal with Paddy Power for 50 million pounds could seem like a “no brainer”….or it could just be wishful thinking on Paddy’s part.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com


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