Price Per Head Betting – College Football, Boxing a Huge Hit With Agents, Bettors

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Price Per Head Betting – College Football, Boxing a Huge Hit With Agents, Bettor

Today we look back at this past weekend’s action from a price per head betting point of view, with College Football (Bama vs. Texas A&M) and a huge boxing match (Alvarez vs. Mayweather Jr) taking center stage. 

Price per head bettors using the facilities of can say what they want about his off-field antics, but Johnny Manziel is truly an artist in cleats.

He is indeed "like a point guard" as was suggested by one of the TV announcers in Saturday's game. You're not going to see his totals (464 yards and five TD's, 98 yards rushing) approached by any other quarterbacks this season against Alabama, because the Crimson Tide will dominate most opponents. What we're saying is that he is an aberration, and may win the Heisman for a second straight time with efforts like that, in spite of himself. And this particular effort got his team a backdoor cover grabbing with points in the college football odds at

And as for his size, and whether it is "suitable" for the NFL, compare his production against the first quarterback who opposed Alabama this year, Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas, who ate 6'6" and 260 pounds supposedly has the size and arm to get NFL scouts excited. Thomas was five of 26 for a grand total of 59 yards against 'Bama. Sometimes it doesn't matter how big or small, if you can make plays you can make plays, and if you can't, you can't.

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Price per head bettors could also use the sportsbook software platform to wager on the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez fight this past weekend. Those who were big Mayweather fans found that they could get a price that was very attractive, as it didn't really go above -300 at WagerHome. Alvarez is a good fighter, but also heavily hyped. He had a lot of Latin supporters who backed him with their money. Sharp boxing bettors salivated; after all, they got the best of it. 

Well, Alvarez did about as well as anyone could without landing a meaningful punch in the fight. He tried to keep up with the speed of the man who calls himself "Money," but it was really no use. Mayweather even stood still for a healthy portion of the fight, but it wasn't anything that benefited Canelo. It was a matter of too much speed and too much talent. The result was obvious to Alvarez, who conceded that he was overmatched. In fact, the result was obvious to everyone except one C.J. Ross, a judge who actually scored the fight a draw. PPH customers at WagerHome should note that she also had Timothy Bradley beating Manny Pacquiao, which helped ignite a VERY ugly controversy. Needless to say, she is encountering a lot of abuse and criticism, as she should be. 

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Well, it was kind of a "day at the office" for Peyton Manning as he brought his Denver Broncos to the Meadowlands for a win and cover in the "Manning Bowl." The 41-23 final made some people happy, but it was low-scoring early and eventually soared over the pro football betting total that was established at WagerHome. 

Peyton's stats did not match what he did in the opening Thursday night game, when he tossed seven touchdown passes. This time around, he had two TD passes, but actually more completions (30). Most importantly, he was not picked off. Brother Eli had numbers too, as he usually does, throwing for 362 yards to go along with 450 in the opener. He actually has more yards passing than Peyton does so far. That's good for fantasy players, one supposes, but for those placing bets over WagerHome's unique sportsbook software, the seven interceptions he has thrown this season (including four on Sunday) make all the difference in the world. Yet he's the guy with two Super Bowl rings. Not likely he'll get one this season. His Giants are now +4000 to win the Super Bowl that will be played in their building, while Peyton and his team are actually the +300 favorites to come back to MetLife Stadium and win, according to the football futures at 

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Could it get any more exciting coming down the stretch in the American League than to have six teams legitimately in the running for two wild card spots? Tampa Bay and Texas are out front as of the end of Sunday's games, but that's nothing the Cleveland Indians couldn't change in one night. You can't discount the New York Yankees or Baltimore Orioles, but one of the biggest stories in baseball involves one of the customary "have-nots," the Kansas City Royals, remaining in the thick of things. Of all these teams, the Rangers (+1200) and Rays (+1500) bring the shortest prices at WagerHome to win the World Series, while the Royals are +5000, even though they are just a half game behind the Yankees, who are at +2000. The longest shot for PPH bettors? The Arizona Diamondbacks, who are still mathematically eligible in the National League (eight games back) are 100-to-1. 

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