Premier League Betting Odds – 19 November 2011

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Premier League Betting Odds – 19 November 2011

Premier League betting odds for 19 November 2011 were now available at most European online sportsbooks.  Betting odds will be available during the week at North American-based online sportsbooks and those around the world.  These were the best odds we could find here at does offer Premier League betting odds and 20 percent cash is added to one’s initial deposit (the amount used to open an account with).  Most world leagues offered, North American gamblers welcome.  Mobile betting, in-progress wagering, more..

Arsenal v Norwich has opened with Arsenal at 3/4 and Norwich 4/1.  The draw was 14/5.

Everton v Wolverhampton had Everton at 3/5, the draw at 3/1 and Wolverhampton at long 7/1 odds.

Man City v Newcastle was listed with Manchester City at 1 to 3 odds while Newcastle was coming in at 10/1.  The draw in this matchup was listed at 9/2 odds.

Stoke v QPR had Stoke at 3/4, the draw at 11/4, QPR at 4/1.

Sunderland v Fulham had Sunderland at 11/8, the draw at 12/5, Fulham at 11/5.

West Brom was even in their matchup with Bolton at 3/1.  The draw was listed at 13/5. 

Wigan v Blackburn had Wigan at 6/4, the draw at 12/5, Blackburn at 2/1. 

Swansea City was listed with odds of 7/1 against Manchester United at 2/5 odds.  The draw would pay out 3/1 or 7/2 depending on where the bet is placed. 

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