Players Win NFL Lockout: 18-Game Schedule Unlikely

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Dan Shapiro
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NFL Lockout

The players look to have won in regard to the NFL lockout with the current proposal stipulating an 18-game schedule is not mandated.

Originally NFL players sought 50 percent of all revenue.  The owners wanted them to have 38.9 percent.  Instead it appears the players will be getting 48 percent, which is more than a compromised based on what the owners were demanding.

The playing field is leveled out even further when one considers that a 16-game schedule is expected to remain in place.  Players were protesting the proposal for an 18-game schedule.  The additional two week schedule may still be part of negotiations, however.      

It is looking more and more like the 2011 NFL season will get underway on time with the only sticking point being among owners of smaller markets concern over revenue inequality. 

Meetings between the owners ended Tuesday after it was widely reported they would extend into Wednesday.  Most are viewing this as a positive sign. 


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- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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